This is a list of symposia, meetings and events where fellows have presented their Neptune research.

Thomas Chartier (EMBL)

  • Neurobiology of Invertebrates Club, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 14-15 June 2015 : oral presentation
  • EMBO Conference, ‘Genetic control of development and evolution’, Paris, France, 29 September – 2 October 2015 : attendance
  • Spongex Workshop, ‘Origin of metazoans’, Giens, France, 14-16 October 2015 : poster
  • Royal Society of Genetics, ‘Building the brain: from genes to circuits and cognition’, London, UK, 19-20 November 2015 : poster
  • European Evo-Devo conference, Uppsala, Sweden, 26-29 July 2016 : poster (Poster Prize)
  • Latsis symposium, ‘Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems’, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, 14-16 November 2016 : oral presentation

Ana Patricia Ramos (Averof lab, CNRS-IGFL, France)

  • ‘Time in Development’ Conference; RIKEN Institute, Kobe, Japan; March 2015; 100 attendees; Poster
  • Pan-Am EvoDevo Conference; University of Berkeley, USA; August 2015; 400 attendees; Poster
  • Euro Evo-Devo Conference; Uppsala, Sweden; July 2016; 500 attendees; Poster
  • Neptune EvoDevo Symposium; Lisbon Portugal; November 2016; 100 attendees; Poster

Alberto Valero-Gracia (Arnone lab, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dorn, Italy))

  • Developmental Biology of Sea Urchin XXIII, Woods Hole, MA October 7-11, 2015; 150 attendees; Poster.
  • Young researcher Vision Camp (Leibertingen, Germany) – June 2016; 150 attendees; Talk.
  • Euro Evo-Devo Conference; Uppsala, Sweden; August 2016; 500 attendees; Talk

Giannis Kesidis (Budd lab, Uppsala University, Sweden)

  • Conference Ichnia 2016 (Talk); Portugal; 15.06.2016: 200 attendees
  • Conference EuroEvoDevo (poster); Uppsala, Sweden; 26.7.2016-29.7.2016 400 attendees

Sanja Jasek (Jékély lab, MPI, Germany)

  • EuroEvoDevo (poster); Uppsala, Sweden; 26.7.2016-29.7.2016; 500 attendees
  • EuroEvoDevo (poster), Vienna University Campus, Austria; 22.7.2014-24.7.2014; 500 attendees

Johannes Girstmair (Telford lab, University College London, UK)

  • 3rd Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy International Conference (Talk & workshop presenter). 31-3 September 2016, Dresden, Germany
  • Scientific discussion meeting: Origin and evolution of the nervous system (Participant). 9-10 March 2015, Royal Society of London
  • European Evo-Devo Conference (Participant &Poster). 26-29 July 2016, Uppsala, Sweden
  • International Symposium of Flatworm Biology (ISFB) Conference (Participant &Talk). 3-6 August 2015, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 6th Young Embryologist Network Annual Meeting (Poster). 27th June 2014, University College London, London, UK

Suman Kumar (Hausen lab, Sars, Norway)

  • Euro Evo-Devo conference; Vienna, Austria, July 2014 (attended)
  • Euro Evo-Devo conference; Uppsala, Sweden, July 2016 (talk)

 Daniel Thiel (Hejnol lab, Sars, Norway)

  • Royal Society Meeting “Evolution and functional biology of neuropeptide signalling: from genomes to behavior”, Buckinghamshire, UK, 13th-14th March 2017
  • Neptune Evo Devo Symposium: “Neuropeptides control larval specific behavior in nemerteans and brachiopods.” (poster presentation) D. Thiel, P. Bauknecht, G. Jékely, A. Hejnol. Lisbon, Portugal, November 2016. ~XX attendees.
  • 6th Euro Evo Devo conference: “Neuropeptides in larval behavior.” (poster presentation) D. Thiel, P. Bauknecht, G. Jékely, A. Hejnol. Uppsala, Sweden, July 2016. ~500 attendees
  • SICB conference: “Changing the mode: neuropeptide evolution in trochozoans.” (oral presentation) D. Thiel, G. Jékely, A. Hejnol. Portland, USA, January 2016, ~2500 attendees
  • 3rd International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology: “Expression of neuropeptides in the brachiopod Terebratalia transversa.” (oral presentation) D. Thiel, G. Jékely, A. Hejnol. Berlin, Germany, August 2014. ~300 attendees
  • 5th Euro Evo Devo conference: “Expression of neuropeptides in the brachiopod Terebratalia transversa.” (oral presentation) D. Thiel, G. Jékely, A. Hejnol. Vienna, Austria, July 2014. ~370 attendees

Gonzalo Quiroga Artigas (CNRS-OOV, France)

  • Oocyte Maturation and Fertilization Meeting IV. June 2015. Asamushi, Aomori, Japan. 100 attendees; Poster presentation
  • Journées du Réseau André Picard, Paris, France; April 2016; 100 attendees; Talk
  • Euro Evo-Devo Conference; Uppsala, Sweden; August 2016; 500 attendees; Talk

Dissemination to the public

  • M.I. Arnone participated in April 2016 to an Italian TV programme (“Cronache animali”) where she illustrated to the general public how sea urchins see (http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-84e55e8a-ecbb-44d1-9538-744b447cc528.html)
  • In 2015 and 2016 E. Houliston and G. Quiroga Artigas (ESR9)  participated in very popular  ‘Science Fair’ open days held each autumn in Villefranche–sur-mer, animating stands to present jellyfish biology and more general aspects of developmental  biology to the public.
  • Patricia Ramos (ESR2) participated in yearly outreach events (‘Fete de la Science’, ‘Portes Ouvertes’) of the hosting institute, addressed to the general public and high school students
  • Johannes Girstmair (ESR11) participated in the EMBO light sheet microscopy practical course as an Instructor. 15-26 August 2016, Dresden, Germany